​How to Spot Fake Supreme: A Complete Guide

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Since James Jebbia opened the doors of Supreme in 1994, it has grown from an independent skate shop to one of the world’s biggest streetwear brands. From humble beginnings in Lafayette Street to now having 11 (soon to be 12) stores across the globe, the rebellious fashion company has gained an army of fans. A team of crack designers as well as continued demand for coveted items like the box logo T-shirt and hoodie have put the NYC skate business next to the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Christian Dior. However, with the continued growth and development, an entirely new market of fakes have started to pop up. Being able to tell real vs fake Supreme is now getting harder, with replica’s now being a much higher quality. With so many different replicas and with some illegitimate actors in the streetwear industry, we thought we’d give you a detailed breakdown of what to look for when it comes to fake Supreme. We’ll give you some telltale signs to look for when trying to spot a fake Supreme box logo, fake Supreme caps and pretty much all fake Supreme clothing. Take a look below at How to Spot Fake Supreme. Before we start, the easiest way to tell if Supreme is fake is the price! If someone is offering you a box logo at well under market value, then you can be sure that it's a fake How to Tell if a Supreme Hoodie is Fake Knowing how to tell a fake Supreme hoodie could save you a lot of money and disappointment. Easily the most copied item from Supreme is the box logo (or bogo). Authentic Supreme box logos and hoodies and T-shirts can reach up to the thousands depending on how rare they are. For Supreme, the box logo is one item that has two drops a year, one hoodie and one T-shirt, each with a unique design. When it comes to spotting fake Supreme box logos, there are a few important things to check for. The Logo When it comes to fake vs real Supreme hoodies, there is one quick test you should look at. The first and simplest test to carry out when it comes to spotting a fake bogo is the ruler test. For an authentic Supreme box logo, you should be able to put a ruler under the letters and they should all line-up. On fakes, there is something nicknamed the ‘floating e’ where the final ‘e’ on the end tends to be slightly raised compared to the rest of the letters. Supreme prides itself on the quality of the products that it produces. For box logo hoodies, the logo will be embroidered and have very high-quality stitching throughout. Supreme’s stitching effect also appears to be a criss-cross pattern, when fakes tend to use a simple horizontal or vertical pattern altogether. Authentic box logo hoodies have a thin white stitch that runs along the middle of the outer red stitching which secures the logo to the hoodie. Fakes will not have this. The lettering on the logo will also feature matte white space around each letter, whereas fakes do not. If you turn the hoodie inside out, pay attention to the back of the logo. Another giveaway for a fake Supreme hoodie will be the letter ‘p’. The ‘p’ on authentic box ogos should have a slightly oval shape to it, whereas fakes tend to rounder with a ‘D’ shape. A fake bogo will get the smaller details wrong. Supreme fakes tend to get the colour wrong too and the box logo colour is also another giveaway. Supreme’s colouring, depending on the style of box logo, tends to be rich. On fakes, the colouring is usually either too light or too dark. It is one of the biggest giveaways on fakes as a whole. The Labels One of the biggest giveaways on fakes is the overall quality of the tags and labels. As expected, a Supreme tag will feature a small and perfect box logo on the inside. If you ever wondered ‘where is Supreme made?’ then the other tag will tell you as a square “Made in Canada” label is just to the right. On real Supreme labels, the Supreme logo in the tag takes up most of the label at the bottom, with the smaller “Made In Canada” coming down to the final ‘e’ in Supreme. Fake tags tend to have a squashed version of the Supreme box logo on the inside and a much larger gap between each label. The lettering on fakes is also not as clear and the details are not visible, with a rounded ‘r’ appearing on replica hoodies. The small “Made in Canada” logo will also finish much earlier than the final ‘e’ of Supreme as found on the real deal. Even the best fake Supreme hoodies can’t escape the small details. The Wash Tags If you want to know how to spot a fake Supreme hoodie, this is one of the best tests to carry out. Authentic wash tags have a few big differences when compared to the fakes. One of the biggest giveaways is simply the overall quality of work. The text is printed in a jet black colour and the lettering has clear spacing. The care instructions also finish before the end of the label. On a Supreme tag has one clear stitch is also found down the middle of the label at the top and is in a straight line. A Supreme hoodie that’s real will have all of the above. A fake Supreme tag tend to be of a much inferior quality in comparison to the authentic. For one, the text is a lot fainter and the tag can be seen through the text. Care instructions also do not finish before the bottom of the label, they finish at the very bottom. Stitching can be erratic on fake Supreme hoodies, not appearing in a straight line and having fabric bunched together as a whole. As you can see from the image above, Supreme hoodie tags play an important part in determining whether or not the product is real. The Drawstrings Legit Supreme hoodies are easy to tell. Probably one of the easiest to spot straight away is the drawstrings. A real Supreme hoodie uses flat drawstrings on all of their hoodies, never round. If the hoodie that you are looking at has round drawstrings then chances are it's a replica. How to Spot a Fake Supreme Jumper Genuine Supreme sweatshirts will use all the same details that Supreme hoodies do. Fortunately, most of the same signs to look for when spotting a fake Supreme hoodie can also be used when checking if a Supreme jumper is real. The Supreme labels, wash tags and stitching all play the same importance and are all constructed in the same way. How to Spot a Fake Supreme T-shirt One of the most coveted items from Supreme is undoubtedly the box logo T-shirt. Once the underground item for New York City skate rats, the humble bogo has appeared on celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Kanye West and Travis Scott. A Supreme box logo tee that’s real is an expensive item. When it comes to the box logo tee, there have been many, many iterations over the past 25 years. Real Supreme shirts have a few things to look out for and we’ll teach you how to spot a fake box logo tee from a real box logo tee in a few simple steps. The Box Logo Colour is the easiest thing to spot when it comes to fake Supreme box logo T-shirts. Real Supreme box logos will be easy to spot from fakes. Most Supreme box logo tee fakes are easy to tell for this reason. The colour is either too bright or too dark, with no happy medium in between. Supreme knock offs are quick to spot as the logo can also be the wrong size and the text can be too big. If you want to know how to tell if Supreme is real then look at the box logo. The Stitching A Supreme shirt tag has a number of things to look for. Easily one of the quickest things to spot on a fake Supreme box logo T-shirt is the stitching on the neckline. Authentic Supreme T-shirts use one an invisible stitch across the whole label, whereas replicas do not. Fakes tend to have double stitching down the sides and also do not join the label together properly. The stitching across the top will also not be invisible, meaning that it is easy to spot whether or not a shirt is fake or not. Authentic Supreme shirts have a number of details that replicators can’t seem to get right, the stitching being one of them. The Labels All authentic Supreme clothing have some key things to look out for. Supreme is meticulous with it’s detailing, something expected by one of the world’s biggest streetwear brands. The labels found on Supreme T-shirts have a few giveaways that help to authenticate their products. A small watermark can be found on the back of the label and is only visible once in the light. The watermark text will either say ‘Supreme’ or ‘Supreme T-shirt’ so don’t panic if it differs from item to item. A fake Supreme shirt will usually get this watermark wrong and make it too dark. The text on the actual label will be thinner on authentics, whereas fakes tend to be bold. Another important thing to note is the “Made in U.S.A.” text. Each letter has a dot after the U.S.A. meaning it is authentic. Fakes tend to miss the dots and that's a big giveaway and fake Supreme clothing can be spotted quickly. Finer Details to Note Supreme T-shirts made before 2000 will have a few slight differences when it comes to the tags. The size and colour will be different to newer pieces and will simply have the “Supreme” logo on the front. Collaborative T-shirts will have a small icon on the label, for example, a Betty Boop or Swarovski logo. Make sure that the logos are of good quality and also have the necessary trademarks that come with it. A Supreme T-shirt that is real will also have a much higher quality print on the label than a fake. How to Spot a Fake Supreme Photo T-shirt Fake Supreme photo tees are popping up more and more nowadays. The easiest way to check if they are real or not is the overall quality of the print. All Supreme photo tees use a premium print and they should not peel. Fake photo tees tend to peel at the corners and fade very quickly in comparison to the real thing. A Supreme T-shirt that’s authentic is easy to tell from a fake. How to Spot a Fake Supreme Hat Supreme is known for the wide variety of caps, beanies and five panels that it has made over the past two decades. Coming in a multitude of designs, colours and collaborations, Supreme caps or Supreme hats are a collectible commodity for some. For these reasons, it has also made it the target of replicators trying to make money. Here, we explain how you can spot fake Supreme hats from a mile off. The Box Logo A fake Supreme logo is easy to spot. Most of the classic Supreme five-panel caps have a simple Box Logo located across the top. The easiest way to check if your latest five-panel is authentic is to simply measure it if you can. The set dimensions for a standard Supreme box logo hat are 3.1 x 1.1, so measuring the logo will make it much easier to check if your hat is real or fake. The Bill A Supreme five-panel fake is easy to tell from the bill of the hat. As we have already seen in this guide, stitching plays a vital role in the authenticity of all Supreme products. The bill of all caps by Supreme has six perfectly stitched lines on the brim of the cap which join to the material. The lines curve around the entire brim from side to side. Fake Supreme caps will not have the level of quality or even the right amount of stitch lines. The Fold Test Probably the easiest test to carry out in order to check if you have a fake Supreme cap is the fold test. Supreme five-panel caps have two eyelets on each side which line up perfectly. When you fold the hat to check, these eyelets should line up and you will be able to see through them. With fakes, these eyelets do not line up or they are simply covered by excess material. How to Spot a Fake Supreme Bag Which one of the bags above do you think is real and which is fake? We’ll come back to that after we’ve explained what to look for to check. Over the past two decades, Supreme has released bags ideal for every day or to flex in. Collaborations with Louis Vuitton and The North Face have meant that a huge number of fakes have flooded the market, with some unsuspecting buyers being sold a replica instead of the real deal. When it comes to spotting fake Supreme bags, there's a few things to check. The Colour Pretty much every fake Supreme bag tends to get the colouring wrong for many different reasons. For some, its a case of the bag being too light and in others the colour will be too dark. Supreme has a tendency to make sure that the colours it uses are dark but also rich, however, replica manufacturers always seem to fade the colour or make it dull. The Stitching We’ll say it before and we’ll say it again when it comes to checking if a potential Supreme purchase is legitimate always check the stitching. Depending on which Supreme bag you are looking to get your hands on, the stitching may vary but the quality will not. Supreme always makes sure that its products are of the highest standard before leaving the production line. If the stitching looks off, chances are the bag is fake. The Straps Another telltale sign to look out for is the straps on the bag overall. Replica manufacturers either make the straps too thin or too thick. A number of areas to look out for are the overall quality of the strap, the thickness, the buckles and the shape as a whole. The Text As we’ve already mentioned, the text of Supreme’s logo is always important to check when it comes to the bag you might want to buy. The spacing should be even throughout and there should be a good amount of space between each letter. (P.S. The bag on the left is real and the right is fake!) How to Check if Supreme Sneakers are Real The above image seems legit, right? Supreme x Nike, Supreme x Vans and Supreme x Air Jordan have been some of the hottest and most sought after collaborations in sneaker history. Some of the most popular Supreme shoes have come in the last 10 years, with the likes of the Supreme x Nike Foamposite, Supreme x Air Jordan V, Supreme x Flyknit Lunar+1 all selling out immediately on release day. There are far too many sneakers for us to go into so instead we are giving a general guide on what to look for when checking if Supreme sneakers are real or fake. The Colour As we’ve already explained, colours to Supreme are very important. Working alongside brands like Nike, Vans and Air Jordan, who will also have high standards, the colouring on all shoes will be of a premium quality. Check that the colours look right, not too bright, not too dark. If the shoe is either one of these then chances are its a replica. The Shape and Stitching Without a doubt two of the biggest issues for replicators is the shape and stitching. The overall stitching will also help you to determine whether the Supreme sneakers you are looking to buy are real or fake. Shape is one of the biggest flaws that replicators have issues with, either making the shoe too narrow or too tall. It is also one of the biggest flaws for them when it comes to the stitching, with wonky stitching being a big issue for them to get right. The Details Supreme’s collaborations often use a pattern or a hidden logo that make it harder for replicators to copy. The Nike Foamposite, for example, had a grand baroque pattern across the shoe and was printed professionally in Nike’s factory. The Air Jordan V had a ‘Sup’ logo in the mesh. Check that the details of the shoe you are buying look right and like they have been made with care. With the inner sole Often Supreme will have a Box Logo on the inner sole of any shoe that they collaborate with. It’s easy to spot and should be easy to tell if fake or not. The Box Logo will have even spacing and will be pressed to a high standard. The laces will also be a big giveaway when it comes to the pair of sneakers you are buying. Nike, Vans and Air Jordan will all use a specific specification on their laces, whereas fakes are very much a simple lace pattern. Checking the logos is also a big giveaway. If a Swoosh looks off, or the Jumpman has a little extra on it then avoid the shoe altogether. It’s better to be safe than sorry! How to Tell if Supreme is Fake Price - if it’s too good to be true, that usually means it is Logos - check the weave of the logo, the straightness of the lettering and the overall finish. Supreme logos are finished in a matte white text and the colours on logos are rich Labels - watermarks, Supreme logo that takes up most of the bottom and a “Made in Canada” logo in a square label that finishes at the final ‘e’ in Supreme. For older pieces, check the relative details. Wash tags - overall quality of work, text printed in a jet black colour and the lettering has clear spacing. The care instructions also finish before the end of the label. One clear stitch is also found down the middle of the label at the top and is in a straight line. Lettering - check the spacing between lettering, it should be even. For Box Logos, the ruler test is the easiest one to carry out. Remember the floating E, circle R and oval P rules! Stitching - the biggest giveaway is the quality of the stitching! It will help you to determine whether or not all Supreme items are real or fake Colours - this is always a winner. Replicators tend to use either a colour that is too bright or too dark. Supreme uses rich colours that are also dark but the quality is a lot better Final Thoughts We hope that this guide is useful for you on your quest to buying genuine Supreme. If you want to know how to tell fake Supreme, there are always a few things to look out for as we’ve discovered today. Fake Supreme clothes are easy to spot and if you are looking to carry out a Supreme legit check then refer back to this handy guide. Of course, the easiest way to get your hands on authentic Supreme is to buy it from KLEKT! We guarantee 100% authenticity on all products that we sell and our team of expert authenticators work around the clock to make sure all items are genuine.