A Store Owner Interview

Recently a Supreme clothing seller reached out to me and revealed some secrets and clarifications about some policies he follows about payment methods. After noting how much experience he has in this subject, I decided to invite him for an interview. Check out the interview below, since am sure it will give you some insights and answer some of your pending questions.

Store Owner Interview - Supreme Replica

What are the challenges of running a Supreme Replica clothing store?

Every cloth seller would prefer to operate their clothing website to attract more business, but due to the patent issues, their site gets closed down over a few months of operation. When a site is closed down, most business people don’t quit, they go ahead to register a new domain which only lockout their older customers. As a result, many clothing sellers and other businesses are pushed to do business on WhatsApp by sending the product pictures, details and their prices. The main challenge through this method is gaining buyer trust.

How do you have customers to trust your clothing store?

It is an uphill task getting the buyers to trust a product. If a store or a seller accepts only Visa method of payment, then the buyers who trust MasterCard would begin to feel the store is not trustworthy, which is not true. It’s true some sellers are fraudulent, but a good number of sellers are honest and they do their business genuinely, making their deliveries on time. Some purchasers follow Supreme replica clothing blogs to look out if there is any seller name mentioned as trustworthy business or individuals and then they go ahead and make the purchase. It is important that buyers understand that 98% of the merchants are honest. It is also important to note that online business is purely based on mutual trust between the trading partners.

Are Supreme replica clothing manufactured by factories and then sold to your stores or you manufacture your own line of clothing?

There are several factories, with each providing different quality or grades of clothing. It is the factories that manufacture the clothing and sells to the stores. Most websites publish that they manufacture the clothes on their own, but this is never true. Very few factories have their own online website stores.

Why do some online stores accept credit card payments, while other stores do not?

The small stores that are just starting and have not gained customer loyalty accept all methods of payment like Credit Cards and PayPal to gain the trust of the buyers. The new stores also offer low prices and gifts to lure consumers. However, I have seen several customers complaining that they did not receive their purchases even when they used the most secure credit card methods of payments. What the buyers do not understand is that when they make the payment through their credit cards, the payment gateways transmit the funds to the seller after 45 days. This means that only the stable sellers with the financial muscle are in a position to ship their items as soon as the orders are placed and wait for several days to get their actual payment from the payment gateway for the items delivered.

Some sellers are forced to wait for the 45 days to receive the payment from the gateway to initiate the delivery process to the customer. The buyer may not have the knowledge that the seller is waiting for the payment for 45 days, and as a result, they become impatient and cancel the order leading to chargebacks for not getting updates on their shipment.

The buyers who use the Western Union method are very helpful since they help the sellers through cash, giving the sellers the opportunity to deliver the goods almost immediately. This is the major reason why sellers give great offers for the buyers who make their payments through Western Union payment method. Using Western Union gives the sellers cash flow power and as a result, can run the business smoothly.

Another challenge the sellers experience is setting up the payment gateways. It is an expensive affair setting up the payment gateways on the websites. Not all the sellers are in a position to hire professional developers to integrate a custom made and reliable gateway method that meets their individual needs. It is also a risky affair and a big loss to the seller when the gateway is shut down because of chargebacks from the customers who do not understand what they are doing or because of delays by a few days on shipment.

What is the Price Difference Across Different Stores? Some stores charge USd100 for an item while others charges as high as USd350 for the same item.

The price difference in clothing is normally determined by the quality. Additionally, every customer has their own perception and opinions of the best quality clothing. There are different prices and grades for each clothing, and the better the quality the higher the prices. A customer once asked me why am selling the hood at a higher price point yet he bought the same item at only $115. Quality is subjective, and several factors contribute towards the end selling price and these factors differ for every seller. Quality is also subjective.

How good are Supreme replica clothing?

Supreme Replica clothing is really good, if you are purchasing the right quality, you can enjoy the Supreme clothing just like an authentic, no one can identify any difference.

Are there AAA Supreme Replica Clothing, or it’s just a marketing gimmick?

In reality, the range of clothing quality goes in this manner: leather quality > 1:1 > AAA. This implies that AAA is the most affordable kind of Supreme Replica .

Any advice to potential customers?

In my opinion… do not treat every seller a scammer just because you or your friend was conned earlier. This is similar to an apple tree when one apple is bad not every apple on the tree will be bad. We are purchasing the best quality clothing from different factories and you can easily reach out to one of our sales team at ( a reliable and honest employee will reply to all your questions through your preferred method of communication. We are flexible and makes effort to understand every customer needs, understand the quality requirement, the flexible payment method, and give some discounts depending on the order total, and give some incentives to make you happy.

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