7 Tips for Buying Clothes Online

7 Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Continuously browsing clothes that you admire online is one of the most gratifying pleasures in life. You don’t need to leave your house or office, change your pajamas or even wait in line. Nonetheless, just like everything else in life that comes with lots of goodies, buying clothes online also has its shortcomings. For instance, it’s not hilarious when the t-shirt or jacket you ordered online arrives at your door and the size is wrong. Actually with millions of clothes online that differ in size to choose from, getting clothes that fit perfectly can be a difficult puzzle to crack. To help you with this, here are some ideas on how to outdo complex online shopping sizes:

1.Edit your cart

Unlike shopping in a brick and mortar store or in a shopping mall, with online shopping, you will not be going through the garments physically. This makes it very easy for you to buy what you don’t actually need. To avoid such cases, before you buy anything, ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Is it something that you really need?
  • Will you be able to wear it with other garments in your wardrobe?
  • Will you be comfortable in it?

One good advantage of purchasing online is that you are allowed to save the items in a cart for up to around 2 months, giving you more than enough time, to go through your purchases over and over again. If you are still admiring that trouser or hoodie after a few days, buy it if you don’t ditch it.

2. Research the materials used to design the garment

When trying to figure out if a garment will fit you or not, its material composition is just as essential as the size. There is nothing more disappointing than receiving that amazing top you have been admiring for several months, only to find that it feels like a blanket. Because it is impossible for you to feel or differentiate what the t-shirt feels like, by looking at its photo, it is always good to try and enlighten yourself about the material used to make it.

You can do this by going through your wardrobe and note those fabrics that you love and those that feel uncomfortable, stuffy or feel itchy. Note down their fabric composition and then use this information when shopping online. For instance, if one of the pieces that you hate in your closet is made of polyester and the top you want to purchase is designed with it, just pass.

3. Don’t forget your neighborhood tailor

Just because that t-shirt that you really like does not fit perfectly, it doesn’t mean you should return it. You can take it to your neighborhood seamstress or tailor and have it adjusted. Obviously, this will work if the t-shirt is a slightly on the larger side, but if it is too small, you will just have to send it back.

4. Always check size charts

Before you buy any garment online, try and figure out how your measurements compare with the website’s size chart. This will help you ascertain what exactly you should be buying. Obviously, you will have to do some more legwork if the site carries several brands. You will have to go to the specific designer’s site and look at their size chart before ordering as most sites that carry multiple brands usually have a general guideline on their charts. For example, an online shopping retailer’s chart might say you go for size 8 jeans, while the brand might recommend a size 10 or even 8.

Tips for Buying Clothes Online

5. Don’t forget customer reviews

This is where online shopping, especially for shoes get a bit challenging. Now, sometimes you are in between sizes and some stores either run large or small. For example, if you wear size 8, it means you can either go for size 9 or 7 depending on the online store. So if you want to purchase a pair of shoes, do some research. Go through various reviews online and see whether the store runs large or small. You can also take to clothing forums online to get some answers.

For example, if you want a pair of shoes from a replica clothing store, you can reach out to a  replica clothing blogger who is familiar with the store and ask how the shoes run. If they run large go for a size 7.If they run small, go for a slightly higher size and they will fit perfectly.

6. Have up-to-the-minute measurements

Purchasing online means you can’t try on the clothes first. However, when you have the right and up-to-the-minute measurements of yourself, you will not have to choose between medium or small. Also, note that one retailer’s size 7 might be another retailers’ size 7. So once you figure out your real measurements, you won’t have to worry about going for the wrong size.

7. Take a glance at the return policy

You can never be sure about anything in life nowadays. You might plan to go out on Friday evening for dinner but life happens and you don’t make it. Similarly, you might plan to send back that trouser in a few days before the deadline but life happens and you don’t make it. Now, even if you are very sure there is something you can do about your purchase after it arrives, ensure you go through the return policy of the seller and know the do’s and don’ts. Some retailers have more lenient policies than others.

Parting Thoughts

Although online shopping requires some research and more legwork, once you determine your size at a reliable place, shopping malls or brick and mortar stores will be history in your life. As you start buying clothes online, you will begin to learn a lot about your entire body and interests. You will learn more about the different fits and styles as well as what you look best in based on your interests and measurements, eventually helping you figure out clothes that bring out your best. Of course, you might experience some obstacles along the way, but if you stay consistent, the sky will only be the lower limit for your shopping skills!

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